Lighting and the Environment



Luraline Lighting is proud to be part of the movement toward increased energy efficiency, which represents one of the lighting industry’s most important contributions toward green design and the sustainable building movement.


Luraline has focused on producing energy-efficient, high-performance lighting fixtures for more than four decades. The company views its longtime commitment toward eco-efficiency as an integral part of providing the highest quality and value to its customers.


Continuing technical advances have resulted in lamping options that are more cost-effective and yet perform as well or better than older methods. While some of the new lamping sources may cost more initially, the resulting energy savings provide an excellent return on investment for new builds and remodels. In addition, the installation of longer-life lamps minimizes replacement costs as well as labor and operating expenses.


As Luraline continues to evolve along with the lighting industry, the company will keep pace with emerging technologies and materials in order to support both its environmental initiatives and to maximize the bottom-line costs savings for its clients.


Luraline Lighting is a proud member of organizations at the forefront of our industry’s environmental initiatives:




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